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Teviot Flies



I am a professional fly dresser making the finest quality salmon flies for sale.

We all have favourite flies, buy them online from my site, I will ensure your flies are delivered in agreed timescales and made to the highest standard.


Customer focus is at the heart of Teviotflies, buy with confidence knowing you only need to put the flies in the right place to catch that salmon.


Based in the Scottish Borders, working with Tweed Ghillies, Guides and Sporting Agents, designing flies that  are robust, look great and catch fish.  


Years of tying and home dyed fine materials allow me to  prepare the best flies for fisherman across the world.  If you want a change in a pattern, want your favourite hook or looking to stock up for a fishing trip to Scotland, Russia or Norway get in touch.  Expert advice on fly patterns, for all Scottish rivers is on hand, gift boxes made up on request.  


Get in touch if you have any questions or need flies in a hurry.



John Scott